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Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer Introduces How to Produce Compound Fertilizer Granules

The common granulation processes of compound fertilizer include tower granulation, rotary drum granulation (NPK fertilizer production line), spray granulation and so on. As fertilizer machine manufacturer, let’s introduce these production processes from the perspective of fertilizer production.


  1. High tower granulation process is mainly used for the production of high concentration nitro compound fertilizer. It can directly use concentrated ammonium nitrate solution, eliminating the links of spraying granulation, and granular compound fertilizer eliminates the process of crushing operation. At the same time, the compound fertilizer granules produced by the high tower granulation process are very uniform, the qualified rate is very high, the quality is good, easy to dissolve, and the caking phenomenon will not occur.


  1. Rotary drum granulator has little restriction on compound fertilizer formulation, high production yield, low investment and construction speed. It is favored by investors of small and medium-sized compound fertilizer plants and widely used in compound fertilizer production. The complete drum granulation process is a NPK compound fertilizer production line, which includes fertilizer granulator, automatic batching system, mixer, crusher, drum dryer, drum cooler, coating machine, packaging machine and other equipment.

NPK compound fertilizer production line


  1. The spray granulation process adopts the slurry method. The slurry is sprayed into the equipment by heating and pumping, so that the moisture in the slurry is vaporized and separated, and the retained solid forms a granular compound fertilizer. This kind of process is widely used in large-scale compound fertilizer production. Its advantages are that it can be used to produce NPK compound fertilizer, and can also be used to produce ammonium phosphate compound fertilizer. At the same time, it has less energy consumption, large production scale and low production cost. The quality and strength of the products are very good.


Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer with many years of experience. The drum granulation NPK compound fertilizer production line is our main equipment product. Among the equipment sold, it is highly praised by many fertilizer factories internationally.

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NPK fertilizer manufacturing process

The technolgy of producing the fertilizer using automaticor semi-automatic fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer.The npk fertilizer production line is designed for producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.

In this article,brief introduction of complete equipment and process of compound fertilizer production line of Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co.Ltd.The npk fertilizer manufacturing process production of compound fertilizer is the general process of compound fertilizer production,which is of great significance for users to incest and fully understand the production of compound fertilizer.
The fertilizer manufacturing process of npk,compound fertilizer is roughly as follows:raw material proportioning,mixing,and stirring,agglomeration and crushing,material granulation,primary screening,particle drying,particle cooling,secondary grading of particles,coating of finished particles,quantitative packaging of finished particles,etc.
The following is a detailed introduction to each link of the production process of npk, compound fertilizer and in different producing parts it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment:
The production process of npk,compound fertilizer includes raw material promoting,mixing,crushing and agglomeration,granulation,primary screening,particle,drying,particle cooling,secondary screening,particle coating of finished products and quantitative packaging of finished products.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing process
Complete npk fertilizer production line is designed

1.Raw materia ingredients:generally the raw materials can be the urea,ammonium nitrate,ammonium chloride,ammonium sulfate,potassium chloride and other raw materials can be selected and prepared in a certain proportion.
2.Mixing parts:Minx the prepared raw materials evenly to improve the overall uniform fertilizer efficiency content of the fertilizer particles,and use the horizontal mixer or disc mixer to mix the raw materials.
3.Agglomerate crushing:the raw materials with uniform mixture are crushed to facilitate the subsequent granulation processing,mainly using chain crusher,etc.
4.Material granulation:evenly stirred and crushed materials are sent to the granulator by belt conveyor for fertilizer granulator machine(drum granulator,disc granulator and roller press granulator can be used),which is an essential and most important step in the production process of compound fertilizer.
5.Primary screening:preliminary screening of semi-finished particles.Unqualified particles are returned to the mixing and mining link for reprocessing.Generally,roller screener is used to sceeen the granulator.
6.Particle drying:the particles made by the granulator and screned by the first stage are sent to the dryer to dry the moisture contained in the particles,so as to increase the particle strength and facilitate the storage.Generally,the rotary dryer is used in the fertilizer manufacturing process.Sometimes,the series of fertilizer dryer is also equipped in the organic fertilizer production line.
7.Particle cooling:the dried fertilizer particles are easy to agglomerate due to their high temperature.After cooling,they are easy yo be stored and transported in bags and stored by a cooler.
8.Secondary grading of particles:The cooled particles are graded,the unqualified particles are crushed and regranulated,and the qualified products are screened out,which can be screened by the secondary drum screener machine.
9.Finsihed paticle coating:coating the qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of the particles,so as to make the appearance more beautiful.Generally,the coating machine is used for coating.
10.Quantitative packaging of finished particles:the coated particles,which is to easy,the finished particles are sent to the silo by the belt conveyor for temporary srotage,and then connected to the electronic quantitative packaging scale,sewing machine and other automatic quantitative packaging and sealing bags,placed in the ventilation place for storage,so as to realize full automation.

Then npk fertilizer manufacturing process is simple,the production process of npk, compound fertilizer production line is small,the floor area is small,the operation is simple,and the technical requirements are not high.

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Roller press granulator production process

More other type fertilizer production line is designed for producing the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator.The roller press granulator production process is designed for producing the fertilizer granulator using the roller press granulator.

All types of fertilizer granulator machine are designed for producing the fertilizer into granulator and they are suitable for producing the different type fertilizer granulator.There we share the roller press granulator machine production process.Different type type fertilizer granulator machines are suitable for using different type method to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.
The roller press granulator machine is a new designed products by our engineers.The roller press extrusion granulator is a granulator.It is produced by non drying and normal temperature process with one-time forming and output of 1-8 t/h.The equipment has the advantages of less investment,quick effect and good economic benefit.The layput of complete equipment is compact,scientific and reasonable,and the technology is advanced.Engery saving and consumption reduction,no discharge of three wastes,stable operation,reliable,and convenient maintenance.Wide adaptability of raw materials,suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer ,medicine,chemical industry,feed,etc,with high granulation rate.It can produce various kinds of compound fertilizer with various concentrations(including organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,biological fertilizer,magnetized fertilizer,etc.)

Fertilizer granulator machine

Features of the roller press granulator:roller press granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulaton,In the npk fertilizer manufacturing proces,it is ususally equipped with the roller press granulator machine to produce the compound fertilizer.Sometimes,it also can be used the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the npk,compound fertilizer.It has advanced technology,reasonable design,compact structure,novel and partical,low engery consumption,and forms a small production lin with corresponding equipment,which can form a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production.Using eugenics formula,no need to dry,normal temperature production,the products is roller once to form,so that the product quality meets the technical requirements of compound fertilizer,The organic fertilizer extrusion granulator is a new generation of engery-saving products for the production of high,medium and low concentration special compound fertilizer and compound fertilizer industry of various crops application:typical application materials:animal manure,detergents,catalysts,strontium,carbonate,chemical fertilizer,white carbon black,inorganic salts,chloroisocyanuric acid,bleaching powder,pesticides,oxides,etc;and industrial recycling dust materials:such as cast mill powder dust,lead.zinc,aluminum dust,converter dust,filter dusst.The material is forced compressed by mechanical pressure,without any wetting agent,and the purity of the product is guaranteed.The process flow is short,engery consumption is low,and output is large.The dry powder is directly granulated without subsequent drying process,which is more conducive to the connection and transformation of the existing production flow.The particle strength is high,and the increase of bulk density is more significant than other granulation methods.It is especially suitable for the occasion of increasing the stacking proportion of products.The operation flexibility is large,the scope of application is wide,the size of extrusion pressure can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology.CO.Ltd  is the professional company of producing differnent type fertilizer machines and different type fertilizer production lines.Like the organic fertilizer machine type and inorganic fertilizer machines and so on are designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or the compound fertilizer granulator.In the different type fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to produce different fertilizer.


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The difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer

Difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer

Chemical fertilizer, manufactured by chemical or physical methods, containing one or more nutrient elements for crop growth. Also known as inorganic fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphate, potash, micronutrients, compound fertilizers, etc. It has strong pertinence and quick effect. There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers, the most common ones are urea.

Organic fertilizer is formed by a variety of animal, plant residues or metabolites after a certain processing technology. Mainly including agricultural wastes, livestock manure, industrial wastes, municipal Sludge,etc. Organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients and can improve soil.

Main chemical fertilizer granulator machine:
Double Roller Granulator
Double Roller Granulator has compact structure, good stability, good sealing, low noise, easy operation and maintenance, etc. The new machine has won the users praise after coming into the market. Wide adaptability for raw materials, such as fertilizer, feed, chemical industry and especially good adaptability for rare earth, metallurgy, coal, biologics environmental protection. On the other hand, it is also the promotion of environment projects.

Disc Fertilizer Granulator (Pan Granulator)
Disc granulator is used to make powder into ball shape, widely applied in organic fertilizer plant, fertilizer plant and mines, chemical industry, food and other industries. The machine for processing of granulation, granule product with beautiful appearance, particle diameter selection of large scale.

fertilizer granulator machine

Rotary Drum Granulator
Drum granulator is a kind of fertilizer granulator machine can make the material into a specific shape. It is suitable for large-scale production of cold &hot fertilizer granulation line and high and low concentration compound fertilizer line.

Main organic fertilizer granulator machine:
New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator
This organic fertilizer granulator used for granulation all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, crushing through the conventional organic prilling before granulation. The organic content can be high to 100%, make pure organic granulate, granule is round ball.

Ring Die Granulator
The granulator is used for granulation to all kinds of organic matter after fermentation, break through the conventional organic prlling before granulation. no need to dry and crush the raw materials before granulation. It can direct burdening to work out cylindrical grain, and save a lot of energy.

Two In One Organic Fertilizer Granulator
The machine can not only granulate a variety of organic matter, especially for the coarse fiber materials which are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, animal dung and so on. And it could granulate compound fertilizer. Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be mixed and granulated.


Why is organic fertilizer so popular

Organic fertilizer can improve the damage, because the organic elements contained in it will restore soil vitality. Excessive use of chemical fertilizer damage the structure of the soil, and cause great harm to the soil.

Organic fertilizer improves plant’s resistance to disease and insect pests, while chemical fertilizer is a single microorganism population, which is prone to plant diseases and insect pests.

Organic fertilizer production equipment main includes: Compost turner machine, Crusher machine, Screen Machine, Mixing machine, Fertilizer granulator, Dryer machine, Cooler machine, Screener machine, Packaging machine.

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Compost Fermentation and Effect of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

What is the function of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line?
1. Produce a variety of enzymes to inhibit multiple soil-borne diseases such as double rickets, root knot nematodes, blight, bacterial wilt and blight.
2. Containing beneficial microbial flora continuously active, can activate nitrogen in the air, decomposition and release insoluble phosphate potassium nutrients. Replenish soil organic matter and slowly release the nutrients needed for crop growth.
3. Improve soil physical properties, keep the soil soft, easy to cultivate, promote soil aggregate structure, increase soil pores, and promote plant root population growth. Increase soil water retention, fertilizer retention capacity, and reduce leaching losses.
4. Green and environmental protection, improve fertilizer efficiency. The organic fertilizer fermented by this product has no toxic and side effects, and has an improvement effect on crops and soil environment. The use of inorganic fertilizers also greatly improves the use efficiency of fertilizers and saves costs.
5. Strong roots and strong seedlings, disease prevention and disease resistance. The proliferation of beneficial microorganisms secretes hormones, polysaccharides and other metabolites to the outside, inhibits the growth of soil pathogens, promotes the development of crop roots, and grows vigorously, reducing the spread of various diseases.

chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Chicken manure composting fermentation mainly uses biological action combined with advanced mechanical technology to effectively treat chicken manure. The commonly used process is aerobic fermentation. Adopting aerobic fermentation, the chicken manure composts up quickly, the fermentation temperature is high, and the maturity cycle is short. Because of its high fermentation temperature, it can effectively eliminate eggs, germs, plant seeds, etc. in chicken manure, and its drying effect is also very significant under effective mechanical agitation.

At present, the composting fermentation processes commonly used in industry mainly include a fermented composting fermentation process and a trough aerobic fermentation process.

In the fermentation process of chicken manure, the compost turning machine is indispensable fermentation equipment. Among them, the trough type turning machine and the spiral turning machine are one of the main supporting equipments of the fertilizer mechanical equipment unit, which is suitable for the trough type fermentation: It is the core equipment for the industrialized and harmless treatment of animal husbandry, urban garbage and urban sewage sludge. The machine has a reasonable design, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, easy to use, low cost and wide application. It is a popular model.

The fermented chicken manure raw material is then subjected to the granulation process of the organic fertilizer granulator, and the finished granular fertilizer is completely processed. Of course, from the composting of materials to granulation and packaging, the processing of each process in the entire organic fertilizer production line is required: composting and turning machine, pulverizer, mixer, fertilizer granulator, grading sieve, dryer, cooler, automatic packaging machines, belt conveyors and other equipment.

Other article for your reference:Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line


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Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent?

The application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the adsorption of harmful substances and heavy metals, and improve the quality and yield of crops. But the organic fertilizer without fermentation is also very serious, which will cause seedling burning, root burning, crop death and so on. Therefore, we must be careful when selecting the fermentation agent in the production process of organic fertilizer.

Here are some methods for selecting the fermentation agent for your reference:

Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent

  1. Select compound fermentation agent. The composition and function of different kinds of fermenters are different.
  2. Select the aerobic fermentation agent. There are two main types of organic fertilizer fermentation agents, i.e. aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. Aerobic fermentation can improve the fermentation efficiency and fermentation intensity through fermentation pusher (windrow turner), which is far superior to anaerobic fermentation in all aspects.
  3. Select the fast fermentation agent. The higher the dosage and the longer the time, the worse the result.
  4. Select the fermenting species with less bacteria after fermentation.
  5. Select the simple fermenting species. Some fermentation agent products are not only expensive, but also very troublesome. The operation of fanlock is likely to lead to failure, so try to select some fermentation agents in the operation room.

Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine mainly produces 1-200000 tons of organic fertilizer production line, npk fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer complete equipment, organic fertilizer granulator and other fertilizer auxiliary equipment. Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine has been developing and innovating for many years. In the future, on the road of enterprise development, it adheres to the development and scientific concept, meets difficulties with high-quality service, and strives for perfection.

Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent

Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine provides new and old customers with all-round services including process design, equipment production, installation and debugging, production formula, after-sales service, etc. Over the years, the company has been innovating, transcending itself, challenging the limits, and striving to provide customers with 100% high-quality products.

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Working principle of compound fertilizer equipment

Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery specializes in the production of compound fertilizer equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the working process of the NPK fertilizer production line and the mechanical equipment used. Hope to help you.

NPK fertilizer production machine

The following is detailed description:
1. Selection of raw materials: According to the formula operation, add additives, trace elements, N, P, K, etc. to the mixer machine for mixing. The advantage of alternate mixing with two compound fertilizer equipment is: continuous production, improved efficiency, greatly Reduce the labor intensity of people.

2. Mixing raw materials and ingredients: mixing and pulverizing with a horizontal pulverizer unique to the compounding equipment, the pulverizer can thoroughly pulverize the added bulk materials, so that the raw materials are completely mixed.

3. Granulation: Granulation is a very important step in the NPK fertilizer production line. There are also many kinds of fertilizer granulator machine. The specific classifications are: drum granulator, disc granulator, extrusion granulator, and these three granulators are the most widely used in the NPK fertilizer production.

4. Drying the granules to increase the hardness: The granulated compound fertilizer has formed granules, but since there is still moisture and the hardness does not meet the requirements, it must be dried.

5. Cooling granules: The dried granules are transferred to a cooling machine for cooling to a normal temperature, which further increases the strength of the composite fertilizer granules and further reduces the moisture.

6. Screening: After cooling, the composite fertilizer particles will have powdery particles. The fine powder and large particles will be completely sieved out by the sieving machine. The fine powder will be directly returned to the mixer and mixed with the raw materials through the return belt conveyor, and then participate in the granulation process again. After the large particles are pulverized, the fine powder is returned to the mixer through the same return belt conveyor.

7. Packing: Packing with packaging machine. After the worker puts on the bag and triggers the switch, the packaging machine automatically completes the bag, blanks and bags. At the same time, the feeding device is automatically and automatically fed. When the weighing weight of the weighing and weighing system reaches the set value, the feeding is automatically ended, and the operator puts on a new packaging bag for the next packaging process.

Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery is one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, provides you with relevant introduction and working principle of compound fertilizer equipment. We hope to help you. The company welcomes new and old customers to visit, visit and negotiate.

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Working principle of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers give you a brief introduction to the process of organic fertilizer production line.

In general, the raw material of organic fertilizer is mostly chicken manure. The first step is fermentation. The purpose of fermentation of manure is to eliminate pests and harmful gases in chicken manure. The chicken manure will burn the plants and can cause the phenomenon of hypoxia in the soil. The release of fertilizer effect is also slow, and the plant will not absorb the nutrition . There are various methods for fermentation depending on the conditions:
1. Stacked rotten fermentation.
2, greenhouse-type fermented organic fertilizer.
3. Cylinder fermentation method.
4. Fermentation tower method.


These methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The core of organic fertilizer processing equipment is fermenting and turning. The specific height and width are different according to the site. Generally, the width is 2 meters high and 1.5 meters. In the temperature of 20 degrees, it needs about 20 days for the fermentation. During the period, the organic fertilizer turning machine should turn over it several times with to provide heat dissipation for the organic fertilizer, and the fermentation is uniform.

The organic fertilizer pulverizer will deal with the fermented organic fertilizer . There are generally two kinds of organic fertilizer pulverizers, one is a chain crusher. The device has the advantages of simple structure, high efficiency, low cost, and is suitable for materials that are easy to bond. Therefore, it is widely used in organic fertilizer production line, and there is also a roller crusher. The advantage is that the structure is simple, the cost is not high, and the work is reliable, but the broken and bonded materials are not as good as the chain type organic fertilizer crusher.

The material crushed by the crusher is processed into granules by a fertilizer granulator machine. There are two kinds of organic fertilizer granulators, one is a drum granulator and the other is a disc granulator. Granulators have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry designs and manufactures a new generation of organic fertilizer granulator. The new generation of organic fertilizer granulator makes up for the shortcomings of these two granulators. The organic fertilizer granulator will granulate the organic fertilizer and then belt conveyor equipment transport them to the fertilizer screening equipment, then the screening machine will screen them,finally the packaging machine will pack the qualified fertilizer products. Our company can provided organic fertilizer production equipment and guidance for construction. The company has advanced organic fertilizer production lines, organic fertilizer turners, fermentation turners, and other organic fertilizer production and processing equipment.


Some other article about organic fertilizer production line:Cow Manure Organic Fertilizer Production Line Method

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Production Advantage of NPK Compound Fertilizer with Double Roller Granulator

NPK compound fertilizer production mainly deals with raw materials in the state of powder, bulk, solution and molten liquid to produce particles with certain shape and size. Fertilizer granulator machine is an important equipment for compound fertilizer processing. Generally speaking, many parameters of fertilizer granulator can be adjusted, so it can adapt to a large range of raw materials.

Although many conventional compound fertilizer equipments still use wet granulation process to produce spherical pellet fertilizer, extrusion granulation process has many advantages, among which the most important is: low energy consumption of roller granulator NPK fertilizer production process, no need for liquid binder in granulation, many kinds of raw materials can be used, and the composition of raw materials is flexible. The function of roller fertilizer granulator is applicable to a wide range of large or small devices. Therefore, extrusion granulation NPK fertilizer production process has attracted more and more interest. Many fertilizer factories are considering dry extrusion NPK fertilizer production granulation process in construction.

double roller fertilizer granulator

In dry roller granulator equipment, the powder is applied force and compacted between two pairs of rollers. As with powder material, the quality requirement of roller granulator is reasonable formula, all kinds of components are complete and mixed evenly.In addition, the quality of particles produced by the double roller fertilizer granulator has the following two indicators:


  1. Hardness

Generally speaking, manufacturers usually want the particles to be harder. But whether from the point of view of use effect or manufacturing cost, it can not be said that the harder the better. The particle hardness produced by the double roller fertilizer granulator can be measured by the particle hardness meter and expressed by the pressure. According to the variety of materials, it is generally 0.06-0-12 MPa.


  1. Powdered rate

The method of determining the pulverization rate is to put a certain number of finished granules in a special pulverization rate measuring instrument, and turn them over at a prescribed speed in a prescribed time, and then determine the proportion of the powder transformed from granules in all materials. Generally, the powdered rate should not exceed 10% and the quality product should not exceed 5%.

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How to Solve Dust Pollution in Organic Fertilizer and NPK Fertilizer Production

Because of the characteristics of materials, a lot of dust will be produced in fertilizer production, which will pollute the environment. In order to avoid this problem, dust removal devices should be set up in the design of organic fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production project to solve the problem of dust emission.

Dust Problem in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In the organic fertilizer production line, when the moisture content of raw materials is low, they are often crushed and uneven solids. When the raw materials are transported to the equipment, if they are transported in the open air, there is no effective sealing measures, so the dust concentration in the air of the organic fertilizer manufacturing site will be too high. In addition, most small and medium-sized enterprises lack effective treatment means when discharging exhaust gas, which leads to the emission of exhaust gas not up to the standard and dust pollution.

Dust Problem in NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Take NPK fertilizer production project as an example, because the raw material of NPK fertilizer is brittle, it is easy to form small particle dust. When the dust is disturbed by airflow, it is easy to fly. Because of the low water content of NPK fertilizer, the dust is easy to absorb and adhere to the equipment. Therefore, when grading by using the screening device, the dust can easily block the sieve holes of the screen, thereby affecting the grading effect and even damaging the screen. As a result, the screen must be frequently replaced, on the one hand, the production cost is increased, on the one hand, to improve production costs, on the other hand to reduce production efficiency.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

To solve the problem of dust pollution in the fertilizer manufacturing process, it is necessary to set up a dust collector room and dust collector equipment in the process of fertilizer production. Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer have designed a special cyclone dust collector to remove dust from the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. And in the construction of fertilizer plant, dust collector room is more suitable for large NPK fertilizer production line, we can help customers build dust collector room.

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