Cost calculation of organic fertilizer processing plant

The cost of organic fertilizer production plant includes the cost of organic fertilizer processing equipment, site investment and construction equipment cost, land rent, etc.
1. Processing equipment cost
Among them, the price of one trough tipper is 40000 yuan, the price of three silos is 8500 yuan, the price of one material grinder is 12000 yuan, the price of one drum screening machine is 10000 yuan, the price of one horizontal mixer is 13000 yuan, the price of five belt conveyors is 27500 yuan, the price of one packaging machine is 35000 yuan, and the organic fertilizer production plant cost is 150000 yuan.

2. Land rent

Because it is in rural areas, the price is not particularly high. It basically belongs to three types of industrial land, and the rent per mu is about 100000-200000 yuan / year.

Cost calculation of organic fertilizer processing plant

3. Cost of plant construction
Among them, the higher investment is the cost of building the plant area. The construction price is about 300-400 yuan / m2. For the organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 5000 tons, the fermentation tank workshop is about 700 square meters, the processing plant is about 500 square meters, and the warehouse and office area is 400 square meters. The total cost of building the plant area is about 350-500000 yuan.

4. Total cost

Among them, the cost of processing equipment is 150000 yuan, the average price of land rent is 150000 yuan / year, the construction cost of plant area is 400000 yuan, and the total cost is about 700000 yuan. If the industrial land of class II or above is selected, it needs to be calculated separately. 

how to reduce dust in organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production equipment in the process of processing organic fertilizer, will produce a lot of dust, if not handled properly, will cause serious dust pollution. However, the organic fertilizer production line of our factory has less dust and more environmental protection, which is mainly realized by bag filter. Today, Huaqiang heavy industry small editor will explain how to reduce dust and environmental protection in organic fertilizer production line

how to reduce dust in organic fertilizer production line

The equipment in the production workshop should be completely closed at each blanking point, and the exhaust pipe should be installed. It ensures that the odor and dust in the organic fertilizer production process are leaked out, and the dust generated at the dropping point is then pumped into the bag filter by the induced draft fan. It is basically dust-free.

The inside of the bag filter is composed of several bags. The dust is filtered out by the bag, and the wind is discharged into the atmosphere through the bag. The bag filter is equipped with high-pressure blowing device in each bag. The dust on the bag is shaken off instantly by synchronous action of solenoid valve and time relay. Through the unloader at the lower end, the uniformly collected dust is discharged into the mixer, and the fertilizer is recycled. 

Fertilizer production line technology of chicken manure organic fertilizer particles

The design of chicken manure organic fertilizer pellet fermentation production process design includes:
1.Efficient compound bacteria and its propagation technology;

2. advanced raw material allocation technology and biological fermentation system;

3. the best special fertilizer formula technology (can flexibly design the best combination of product formula based on local soil and crop characteristics);

4. Reasonable secondary pollution (exhaust gas and depression) control technology;

5. Design and manufacturing technology of organic fertilizer production line equipment.

The more complicated process of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is as follows: organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, domestic waste, dead leaves, biogas residues, waste bacteria, etc.) are fermented into a semi-wet material grinder for crushing, and then nitrogen is added. Phosphorus and potassium and other elements (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) make the contained mineral elements reach the required standard, and then have a mixer to stir, and then enter the fertilizer granulator machine to get granules, after drying, screened by a sieving machine, qualified products are packaged, and unqualified returned to the granulator for granulation.

Among them, the reasonable mix of fineness of raw materials is very important for the organic fertilizer production line.

The fineness of the whole raw material should be matched as follows: about 100% to 60% of the raw materials account for about 30% to 40%, 60% to 1.00㎜ diameter raw materials account for about 35%, small particles with a diameter of 1.00-2.00㎜ about 25% -30% The higher the fineness of the material, the better the viscosity, and the higher the surface finish of the granulated particles.

However, in the production process, the use of ultra-high proportion of high-fineness materials is prone to problems such as excessively large particles and irregular particles.

The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

The role of double roller granulator in organic fertilizer processing, such as mixed fertilizer. Regular hemispherical groove of roller skin is formed by squeezing each other. This extrusion pressure is inevitable in the wear of the double rollers of the double roller granulator. How to reduce the wear of roller sleeve should start with several reasons, and consider the corresponding countermeasures according to the wear reasons.

The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

1. material factors
Roller extruder mainly processes dry powder materials. Because of the different hardness of the material, uneven force will be produced during extrusion and ball forming, which will increase the wear of the roller skin. From the material factor, another factor is the uniformity of the particle size of raw materials. Different sizes of raw materials can also lead to uneven force and wear of roller cover.

2. material factors of roller skin of double roller granulator
The roller surface of the roller fertilizer granulation machine is friction material and direct force. In the process of roller wear, friction and back extrusion pressure of materials can not be ignored. This force requires higher quality of roller skin, slower wear speed with good quality and faster wear speed with poor quality.

The influence factors on the wear of the roller shell of the double roller granulator

3. uniformity coefficient of feed
The center of parallel rod axis of the counter roller granulator is parallel to the surface of the roll skin. If the feeding is seriously uneven, one end of the feeding is more, and the other end is less, it will cause uneven force on both ends of the roller, increase the friction between the roller and the material, and cause the roller wear.

4. raw material moisture and pH
The roll skin is made of stainless steel. The organic fertilizer granulation machine has strong reaction to the acid and alkali of the material. The moisture and pH of the material are not good, which leads to acid-base corrosion on the surface of the roll skin and damages the roll skin.

5. work operation injury
If the operation is not in accordance with the operation procedures, the gap between rollers is not adjusted in place, or the feeding of the roller granulator is unreasonable; the other is that the material is not clean and contains impurities such as iron and sulfur. The color of the roller skin is seriously damaged.

Fertilizer granulator for wet granulation of organic fertilizer

Huaqiang heavy industry produces wet fertilizer granulation machine: disc granulator, drum granulator, organic fertilizer wet granulator and new two in one granulator. The main difference between these kinds of fertilizer granulators lies in the different raw materials and methods.

The moisture in wet granulation is the key factor to form the liquid bridge between the original particles. The pre wetting of powder before agglomeration is helpful to the formation of micronuclei and the quality of granulation. However, the amount of water added in different powder materials and granulation methods is also different, which is generally determined by experiments.

Fertilizer granulator for wet granulation of organic fertilizer

The new two in one organic fertilizer granulator is specially used for the granulation of organic fertilizer. The new two in one organic fertilizer granulator utilizes the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the mixing, granulation, spheroidization and densification of fine powder materials in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥ 0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥ 90%. The size of the particle diameter can be properly adjusted by the material mixing amount and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the higher the rotational speed, the smaller the particles, and vice versa.

Application scope: This organic fertilizer granulation machine is especially suitable for granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of fine powder materials are, the higher the sphericity of particles is, and the better the quality of pellets is. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, charcoal, clay, kaolin, etc.

Precautions for maintenance of organic fertilizer granulator after granulation

Organic fertilizer granulator machine is an indispensable machine in organic fertilizer production line. In normal use, only by doing maintenance work can it ensure a longer service life. What questions need to pay attention to in daily use? The following content tells you the answer.

1. Always check the working status of each component on the organic fertilizer granulator.

2. Always check if there are loose parts on the organic fertilizer granulator.

3. Always check the bearing oil temperature of the granulator to ensure that it is within the normal range.

4. Check the components of the organic fertilizer granulator from time to time to make sure that they are not worn.

Organic fertilizer granulator machine daily maintenance:

1. First, remove the dirt and debris outside the organic fertilizer granulator machine, clean and lubricate all bearings, and cover the friction surface with anti-corrosive agents such as paint, black oil and waste engine oil;

2. The organic fertilizer granulator placed in the open air should flatten or erect those parts that are prone to deformation to eliminate the factors that cause deformation. If the spring is supported, the spring should be relaxed;

3. When not working, we should remove the parts that are easily rusted or damaged in the organic fertilizer granulator, especially the motor, reducer, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc., should be removed and stored indoors, and separated by machine category to prevent deformed or damaged by squeezing each other.

How to adjust the disc granulator to produce fertilizer in the best state

In the process of using organic fertilizer production equipment, if strictly abide by the precautions in the operation process, it will effectively improve the granulation rate, reduce energy consumption and prolong the service life of the equipment. So from the following aspects, we can adjust the disc granulator to make the fertilizer production reach the best state.

1. Strictly control the quality of powder

(1) It is strictly forbidden to have iron block, stone larger than 10 mm and wood block larger than 10 mm in raw material discharging and feeding of fertilizer production line. Rice bran and sand can not exceed the quality index, too much will seriously cause low output of disc granulator.

(2) According to the formula of NPK compound fertilizer, the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizer should be carefully controlled.

2.Reform the new type of blade in the disc

The blade of disc granulator is good, and the size of the granule is uniform and beautiful. The blade is divided into front blade and rear blade, and there is no gap between the two blades.

disc granulator

3. The main technical key to operate the disc granulator

(1) Do a good job in the technical training of staff before operation, improve the technical quality and operation skills of workers.

(2) The particle size of compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.

4. Select and adjust the nozzle of disc granulator

(1) The working mechanism of the nozzle must be mastered when selecting the nozzle

According to hydrodynamics, it has been proved that the bigger the pressure is, the smaller the through hole is, and the bigger the droplet diffusion surface is. Under the same pressure, the spray hole of the nozzle is small and the droplet density is small, while the spray hole is large, the droplet density is high.

(2) How to choose the model and specification of the nozzle

The smaller (or larger) droplet of feed liquid is, the smaller (or larger) particle size is, and the lower (or higher) yield of fertilizer production line is.

The denser (or thinner) the droplets are, the more (or less) they are made and the higher (or lower) the output is.

New type fertilizer stirring tooth granulator for processing organic fermentation products

With the diversification of raw materials, organic fertilizer manufacturers are constantly developing new granulation equipment. In the production of ordinary organic fertilizer, there is a stirring tooth fertilizer granulator, which has high production efficiency and good product quality. In terms of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, there is also a new NPK fertilizer granulator, which is improved on the basis of the agitating gear granulator, which solves the problem of material adhering to the wall and produces beautiful particles.

Performance of new type NPK fertilizer granulator

(1) With the development of agriculture, the improvement of technology and the diversification of demand, the new NPK fertilizer granulator is a kind of organic fertilizer granulator. The wet granulator of organic fertilizer can realize the material selection. As long as the organic matter after effective fermentation can be granulated by the new granulator, which breaks the limitations and obstacles of the traditional process.

(2) The compressive strength of NPK fertilizer granulator is higher than that of disc granulator and rotary drum granulator. There is no need to stop the processing of raw materials, crushing and drilling before granulation, so it can directly realize batching processing and direct granulation. The granulation equipment is suitable for many kinds of organic fermentation products, such as livestock manure, grain straw, mushroom residue, sawdust, soy sauce residue and so on.

(3) This kind of drum granulator not only saves a small amount of electric power investment, but also improves the production efficiency of organic fertilizer, which is convenient and quick with satisfactory effect.

NPK fertilizer granulator

The diversification of raw materials promotes the diversification of organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Only by choosing the organic fertilizer making machine suitable for its own materials can the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment give full play to its efficiency.

Automatic packaging equipment for NPK fertilizer production line

 NPK fertilizer production line industry granular material quantitative packaging system commonly used bucket quantitative packaging scales, divided into two types of pneumatic and electric.

1. Pneumatic quantitative packing scale and electric quantitative packing scale
A wide range of pneumatic quantitative packaging scales. The advantages are fast packaging speed, fewer electronic components, and simple failure judgment. The disadvantage is that the ambient temperature is required, especially in high-cold areas in winter, there is a risk of icing in the air pipelines in the buildings without heating, which affects the braking system, so anti-icing measures should be taken in high-cold areas.
Electric quantitative packing scales have only appeared in recent years, and manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Harbin. The original intention is to adapt to the use in alpine regions. The advantage is that no anti-icing measures need to be taken. The disadvantage is that there are many electronic components, the circuit is complicated, and the failure is difficult to judge. The packaging speed is slower than the pneumatic quantitative packaging scale.

2. Hanging mode selection of quantitative hopper
No matter what kind of quantitative packaging scale, we think that the 3-point type hanging hanging weighing hopper has good stability, but the price is relatively high. 3 sensors are needed. If a fault occurs, you need to determine which sensor is faulty. The stability of the measuring hopper is worse (there may be some problems with the design of the side-hanging packaging scale used by me), but the price is relatively cheap, using only 1 sensor, the stability of the 2-point hanging weighing hopper is generally Not recommended for high speed packaging.

3. Selection of control table for quantitative packing scale
General pneumatic scales with F701 series have good performance, fast speed, high precision, and easy to master adjustment methods. Although the price is relatively high, but the value is good, the electric scale instruments are free from the manufacturers and are different.

We are fertilizer machine manufacturers, we can supply different kinds of fertilizer machines, welcome to consult.

Why use organic fertilizer manufacturing machines to grow plants

The nutrient content of chemical fertilizer is high and the fertilizer efficiency is fast, but the effective period is short and the nutrient is single. Organic fertilizer is just the opposite. The mixed use of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer can complement each other to meet the nutrient requirements of crops in different growth stages. Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine is indispensable for the growth of plants.

If only acid fertilizer is applied to alkaline soil, after ammonium is absorbed by plants, the remaining acid roots combine with hydrogen ions in soil to produce acid, which will lead to acid strengthening and soil hardening. If mixed with organic fertilizer, it can enhance the buffer capacity of soil, effectively adjust the pH value and prevent the increase of soil acidity. In addition, the different nutrients needed by plants are made into granules by a roller granulator, and scientifically matched, the fertilizer efficiency is better.

Organic fertilizer improves soil. The beneficial microorganisms in the microbial fertilizer can produce carbohydrates, which account for 0.1% of the soil organic matter. Combined with plant mucilage, mineral embryos and organic colloids, they can improve the soil aggregate structure, enhance the physical properties of the soil and reduce the loss of soil particles. Under suitable conditions, it can also participate in the formation of humus. Therefore, the application of the microbial fertilizer produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment can improve the physical properties of the soil and help improve the soil fertility.

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