Tag: biofertilizer production

Biofertilizer production line

Biofertilizer production line refers to the production of a new type of fertilizer with all the advantages of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effect fertilizer after ripening,which mainly uses livestock and polutry manure,crop straw,animal and plant residues as raw materials to go through the process operation of organic fertilizer production line equipment,and ferments the organic […]

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Cow manure organic fertilizer production

Different type raw materials can be used as the organic raw materials to produce the organic fertilizer granulator. In the organic fertilizer production line,it is equipped with different type fertilizer machines to finish the process of organic fertilizer production. All types of animal manure and livestock manure contain a large of organic matter,we can using […]

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Fertilizer equipment

Different type fertilizer equipment are designed for producing the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer.Different type fertilizer machines serries are equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process.There we share more information about the fermentation compost turner machine. What is a dumper?What is a tipper?Let’s make a detailed introduction today. The dumper is a kind of equipment for organic fertilizer […]

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