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Biofertilizer production line

Biofertilizer production line refers to the production of a new type of fertilizer with all the advantages of microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effect fertilizer after ripening,which mainly uses livestock and polutry manure,crop straw,animal and plant residues as raw materials to go through the process operation of organic fertilizer production line equipment,and ferments the organic […]

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What is the reason that the compost turner machine is used for manure composting?

In the biofertilizer project, the first is to compost the manure, why should the manure compost use a compost turner machine? The reason why there is such a question is that everyone has used traditional manure composting fermentation methods for many years. However, it is not known that such treatment is difficult to achieve complete fermentation […]

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Bio organic fertilizer production machine

The fertilizer machine manufacturer designed a complete biofertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator.For higher efficient to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator,what type bio organic fertilizer production equipment can be used?  In a complete fertilizer production linel,it is equipped with different series fertilizer machines to finsih the production process.In the bio organic […]

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Application of compost turner machine in organic fertilizer production line

As a new type of compost turner machine, Double-screws Turning Machine is widely used in animal manure organic fertilizer production and bio-organic fertilizer production. It is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting, and it is based on the organic Fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production machinery equipment family. The unique mechanical design and practical mechanical […]

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Bio-organic fertilizer production line

The development of the industrial age has made great contributions to agriculture in fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers, which are produced. Now the production of bio-organic fertilizers has been mechanized, scaled and integrated, and can provide perfect Fertilizer production system, let’s go into the process of biofertilizer project. The production of bio-organic fertilizer should be determined according […]

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Types of bioorganic fertilizer

The bioorganic fertilizer can be classified into different type,and we also can produce it using the fertilizer manufacturing technology. The fertilizer can be divided into organic fertilizer and the compound fertilizer.And the organic fertilizer include the bio organic fertilizer granulator.The bio organic fertilizer also can be divided into many different types.And they also can be […]

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