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Working principle of compound fertilizer equipment

Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery specializes in the production of compound fertilizer equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the working process of the NPK fertilizer production line and the mechanical equipment used. Hope to help you. The following is detailed description: 1. Selection of raw materials: According to the formula operation, add additives, trace elements, N, P, […]

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How to Solve Dust Pollution in Organic Fertilizer and NPK Fertilizer Production

Because of the characteristics of materials, a lot of dust will be produced in fertilizer production, which will pollute the environment. In order to avoid this problem, dust removal devices should be set up in the design of organic fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production project to solve the problem of dust emission. Dust […]

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How to Prevent Caking in NPK Fertilizer Production Process

The problem of fertilizer caking usually occurs in the process of fertilizer processing, storage, transportation, which is caused by the moisture absorption, dissolution and evaporation of fertilizer grain, and recrystallization. In this process, a crystal bridge is formed, resulting in the formation of small particles into large particles and caking. So how to avoid the […]

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Potassium chloride production process by disc granulator machine

In the production of potassium chloride granular fertilizer, fertilizer granulator can be used to granulate powder. The particles produced by disc granulator are spherical and have good strength, which can be widely used in agricultural production.   Disc Pan Granulator In the granulation process of disc pan granulator, it is necessary to add a binder to […]

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Production process of the npk fertilizer

The compound fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,the raw materials of producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator is commonly and the process of producing the npk,compound fertilizer granulator is not so complex using the fertilizer equipment to finsih the production process. The raw materials of single basic fertilizer such as […]

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How to improve the pelletizing rate of NPK fertilizer production

NPK compound fertilizer is characterized by simple composition, high nutrient content, low dosage, quick fertilizer effect, convenient application, transportation and storage, and rapid improvement of yield and quality. In order to produce large quantities of high-quality compound fertilizer, the first step is to produce good fertilizer granules.   The main factors influencing NPK fertilizer production […]

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