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Working principle of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers give you a brief introduction to the process of organic fertilizer production line. In general, the raw material of organic fertilizer is mostly chicken manure. The first step is fermentation. The purpose of fermentation of manure is to eliminate pests and harmful gases in chicken manure. The chicken manure will burn the […]

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Cow manure organic fertilizer production line method

Designing fermentation compost turner machine is a good fertilizer machine used in the organic fertilizer production line.Because producing the organic fertilizer needs to ferment the raw material and using the fertilizer machine can save more time to ferment the raw material. The cow manure is a good organic fertilizer material that using the raw material to produce organic fertilizer […]

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How to maintain the fertilizer granulator machine?

The organic fertilizer production line is generally divided into two processes of fermentation and granulation. The fertilizer granulator machine plays an important role in the whole organic fertilizer production process. The quality of granulation also affects the quality and shelf life of organic fertilizer granules, thus affecting the selling price. In the NPK fertilizer production line, the […]

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Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Sheep manure organic fertilizer is a new type of high-quality organic fertilizer specially treated by organic matter that is not completely digested by sheep. It is suitable for geological improvement of alkaline land and barren land, and has a good effect on improving crop yield. Because the sheep is a ruminant and rarely drink water, […]

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