Cow manure organic fertilizer production line method

Designing fermentation compost turner machine is a good fertilizer machine used in the organic fertilizer production line.Because producing the organic fertilizer needs to ferment the raw material and using the fertilizer machine can save more time to ferment the raw material. The cow manure is a good organic fertilizer material that using the raw material to produce organic fertilizer granulator, but before producing we need to ferment the raw material for some time and different cow manure the method of fermenting are also different.

organic fertilizer production line

The fertilizer machine of fermenting raw material always be called the fermentation compost turner machine, and the machine are designed to several different types. Like the simple compost turner machine, windrow compost turner machine, double screws compost turner machine and hydraulic compost turning machine. The cow manure can be divided into dry cow manure and wet cow manure.
1.The dry cow dung due to be absence of the water and make it cannot to be fermented, so it is necessary to put into some water and then to use the simple compost turner machine to ferment.
2.If the cow manure is fresh and when began to ferment it need to add some other raw material to absorb the water in the fresh cow manure, and too much moisture easy to lead to impermeability, microorganisms cannot produce fermentation, auxiliary choice is diverse, the purpose is to absorb some of the fresh cow dung in the water. The general choice of accessories: sawdust, straw, grass ash carbon and so on .Finally, using the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the cow manure.

After fermentation, the fertilize granulator should be used to make fertilizer pellets, then dried and cooled, then screened, finally, the fertilizer is packed and sold.

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