Working principle of compound fertilizer equipment

Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery specializes in the production of compound fertilizer equipment. The following is a detailed introduction to the working process of the NPK fertilizer production line and the mechanical equipment used. Hope to help you.

NPK fertilizer production machine

The following is detailed description:
1. Selection of raw materials: According to the formula operation, add additives, trace elements, N, P, K, etc. to the mixer machine for mixing. The advantage of alternate mixing with two compound fertilizer equipment is: continuous production, improved efficiency, greatly Reduce the labor intensity of people.

2. Mixing raw materials and ingredients: mixing and pulverizing with a horizontal pulverizer unique to the compounding equipment, the pulverizer can thoroughly pulverize the added bulk materials, so that the raw materials are completely mixed.

3. Granulation: Granulation is a very important step in the NPK fertilizer production line. There are also many kinds of fertilizer granulator machine. The specific classifications are: drum granulator, disc granulator, extrusion granulator, and these three granulators are the most widely used in the NPK fertilizer production.

4. Drying the granules to increase the hardness: The granulated compound fertilizer has formed granules, but since there is still moisture and the hardness does not meet the requirements, it must be dried.

5. Cooling granules: The dried granules are transferred to a cooling machine for cooling to a normal temperature, which further increases the strength of the composite fertilizer granules and further reduces the moisture.

6. Screening: After cooling, the composite fertilizer particles will have powdery particles. The fine powder and large particles will be completely sieved out by the sieving machine. The fine powder will be directly returned to the mixer and mixed with the raw materials through the return belt conveyor, and then participate in the granulation process again. After the large particles are pulverized, the fine powder is returned to the mixer through the same return belt conveyor.

7. Packing: Packing with packaging machine. After the worker puts on the bag and triggers the switch, the packaging machine automatically completes the bag, blanks and bags. At the same time, the feeding device is automatically and automatically fed. When the weighing weight of the weighing and weighing system reaches the set value, the feeding is automatically ended, and the operator puts on a new packaging bag for the next packaging process.

Zhengzhou Tianci Machinery is one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, provides you with relevant introduction and working principle of compound fertilizer equipment. We hope to help you. The company welcomes new and old customers to visit, visit and negotiate.

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