Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent?

The application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the adsorption of harmful substances and heavy metals, and improve the quality and yield of crops. But the organic fertilizer without fermentation is also very serious, which will cause seedling burning, root burning, crop death and so on. Therefore, we must be careful when selecting the fermentation agent in the production process of organic fertilizer.

Here are some methods for selecting the fermentation agent for your reference:

Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent

  1. Select compound fermentation agent. The composition and function of different kinds of fermenters are different.
  2. Select the aerobic fermentation agent. There are two main types of organic fertilizer fermentation agents, i.e. aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. Aerobic fermentation can improve the fermentation efficiency and fermentation intensity through fermentation pusher (windrow turner), which is far superior to anaerobic fermentation in all aspects.
  3. Select the fast fermentation agent. The higher the dosage and the longer the time, the worse the result.
  4. Select the fermenting species with less bacteria after fermentation.
  5. Select the simple fermenting species. Some fermentation agent products are not only expensive, but also very troublesome. The operation of fanlock is likely to lead to failure, so try to select some fermentation agents in the operation room.

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Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent

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