Author: yuanjing

Organic fertilizer machine factory tutor you how to choose fermentation agent?

The application of organic fertilizer can improve the soil structure, increase the adsorption of harmful substances and heavy metals, and improve the quality and yield of crops. But the organic fertilizer without fermentation is also very serious, which will cause seedling burning, root burning, crop death and so on. Therefore, we must be careful when […]

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Organic fertilizer production line

The raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer are very extensive. Through complete fermentation and maturity, it has become a kind of beneficial microorganism that can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil. It is odorless and easy to transport commercial fertilizer. At the same time, the production line of organic fertilizer […]

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How to treat cow manure organic fertilizer?

With the gradual development of the policy of replacing chemical fertilizer with organic fertilizer, the production and use of organic fertilizer industry ushered in the spring of development. Today, I’d like to talk with you about the process of organic fertilizer production. The production process of organic fertilizer is closely related to the organic fertilizer […]

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