Day: December 3, 2019

The difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer

Difference between organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer Chemical fertilizer, manufactured by chemical or physical methods, containing one or more nutrient elements for crop growth. Also known as inorganic fertilizers, including nitrogen, phosphate, potash, micronutrients, compound fertilizers, etc. It has strong pertinence and quick effect. There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers, the most common ones […]

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Compost Fermentation and Effect of Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer

What is the function of chicken manure¬†organic fertilizer production line? 1. Produce a variety of enzymes to inhibit multiple soil-borne diseases such as double rickets, root knot nematodes, blight, bacterial wilt and blight. 2. Containing beneficial microbial flora continuously active, can activate nitrogen in the air, decomposition and release insoluble phosphate potassium nutrients. Replenish soil […]

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