Day: November 25, 2019

How to Prevent Caking in NPK Fertilizer Production Process

The problem of fertilizer caking usually occurs in the process of fertilizer processing, storage, transportation, which is caused by the moisture absorption, dissolution and evaporation of fertilizer grain, and recrystallization. In this process, a crystal bridge is formed, resulting in the formation of small particles into large particles and caking. So how to avoid the […]

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What is the reason that the compost turner machine is used for manure composting?

In the biofertilizer project, the first is to compost the manure, why should the manure compost use a compost turner machine? The reason why there is such a question is that everyone has used traditional manure composting fermentation methods for many years. However, it is not known that such treatment is difficult to achieve complete fermentation […]

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How to maintain the fertilizer granulator machine?

The organic fertilizer production line is generally divided into two processes of fermentation and granulation. The fertilizer granulator machine plays an important role in the whole organic fertilizer production process. The quality of granulation also affects the quality and shelf life of organic fertilizer granules, thus affecting the selling price. In the NPK fertilizer production line, the […]

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